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How it works.

Visitors scan QR codes with their devices at your location to provide on-demand information about a particular site. Easily manage your tags to present custom content by site location, including audio, video, images, articles, links, and more! As a result, visitors enjoy a more in-depth experience without needing additional staff, web developers, or costly signage.

Your team can also utilize FYI Tags around your facility for training, checklists, instructions, and more. 

Couple Scanning QR Code


Unlock the power of location. FYI Tags is a Geo-Targeted Content management system that leverages QR tags and proprietary software to dynamically deliver custom content directly to your visitor's hands from anywhere in your facility.   It's not just about sending visitors to a website, FYI Tags create dynamic dashboards that land visitors to a series of content meaningful to their visitors.  


Use any device, including your visitor's mobile device, to enhance their experience by scanning FYI Tags customized by location for on-message and on-brand content.  Connect with videos, pictures, info, payment paths, and more from the visitor's location.  Without adding websites and pages or involving specialized IT staff,  FYI Tags management systems are tools that create endlessly customized presentations and interchangeable templates based on the tag's location.  


Accessible, consistently branded, and relevant information reduces or eliminates operating costs like signage and staffed positions while increasing revenue by driving a rich visitor experience.  How do you want to engage visitors?  Let our Visitor Services Coaches show you the solution with FYI Tags. 

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