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How to Use FYI Tags to Inspire Local Donations.

The United States is filled with amazing local venues, charities, and programs that immensely benefit their surrounding communities. However, many of these programs struggle to receive the funding and support they need to keep running. As a program director, you have the power to drive real change in your local community by inspiring individuals to donate their time and resources to these important programs. One tool that can help you do this is FYI Tags –  a geo-targeted content management system that connects visitors to facilities with content that will inspire them to donate to local programs. In this blog, we'll explain how you can utilize FYI Tags to drive local donations for the programs you support.

Use Compelling Content: FYI Tags allow parks and recreation facilities to showcase inspiring content encouraging visitors to donate to local programs. This content can include videos, images, calendars of events, and more. Make sure the content you showcase is engaging, creative, and emotional – it should make visitors feel a real connection to your cause.

Make it Easy to Donate: One of the biggest reasons people don't donate is that it's too difficult. FYI Tags makes it easy for visitors to make monetary or volunteer donations to your cause. You can link to any e-commerce site to facilitate monetary donations and use features for registering volunteerism in specific programs like feeding the hungry during holidays.

Utilize Geo-Targeting: FYI Tags is geo-targeted, which means visitors to your facility will receive relevant content based on their location. This allows you to make direct asks for donations that pertain to the specific program they are visiting. For example, if a visitor is at a park ranger station, the FYI Tag is about supporting local wildlife rehabilitation programs.

Share Real-Life Examples: Visitors are much more likely to donate if they understand the real-life impact donations can make. Share stories, success cases, and behind-the-scenes footage to show visitors exactly how their donations can make a difference.

Create a Call to Action: Finally, make it clear what visitors can do to help support local programs. Use FYI Tags to create a clear call to action for visitors to donate or volunteer. Make it easy for them to take action, and be sure to thank them for their support.

FYI Tags is a powerful tool for driving local donations and volunteerism. Together, we can make a difference in your community. 

As the CEO and Visitor Services Coach for FYI Tags, I am donating my time to contribute to your charitable program goals by offering a free consultation. We'll review your donation strategies to increase your programs. By supporting you, we are helping as many communities as possible.

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Author, Lesly Birkner, CEO and Visitor Services Coach, FYI Tags, LLC

Resources: https://doublethedonation.com/nonprofit-fundraising-statistics/