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Explore how to connect to Statues and Monuments in Parks.  

Have you ever visited a park and wondered about the significance of the monuments and statues you come across? With the recent debates around removing statues and monuments across the country, there has been a renewed interest in understanding the history and meaning behind these structures. But how much do visitors learn from them? In this post, we will explore the educational value of monuments in parks and how FYI Tags can help you connect with a deeper understanding of their significance.

Monuments often serve as a reminder of a significant event or person in history. They are meant to honor and pay tribute to these individuals or events. However, the educational value of monuments in parks depends on how well they are interpreted and communicated to visitors. Unfortunately, many monuments lack this important component, leaving visitors to simply admire the structure without truly understanding its significance.

FYI Tags addresses this issue by providing a platform for visitors to exchange information and opinions about the monuments they encounter in parks. By scanning QR codes on the tags, visitors can access a wealth of information, including historical and cultural context, artistic interpretation, and conservation efforts. This feature allows visitors to delve deeper into the monument's history and to develop a more comprehensive understanding of its significance.

In addition to gaining knowledge, visitors may be inspired to get involved in conservation efforts or join discussions about the meaning of a particular monument. For example, statues of Confederate leaders have recently been the subject of much debate, with some arguing that they glorify slavery and racism. By using FYI Tags, visitors can access a variety of viewpoints and engage in constructive discussions about the implications of such monuments.

Moreover, FYI Tags also provide an inclusive platform for underrepresented voices to be heard. For example, monuments to public figures or events may only sometimes consider marginalized communities' perspectives. FYI, Tags allow individuals to share their experiences and views about how such monuments may affect them.

Monuments in parks can provide significant educational and cultural value if they are properly interpreted and communicated to visitors. FYI, Tags contributes to this effort by providing a platform for visitors to learn more about the history and meaning behind these structures. In addition, by establishing a space for constructive dialogue and inclusivity, we can deepen our collective understanding of monuments and their significance in our society.

Author Lesly Birkner, Director and Visitor Services Coach at FYI, Tags, want to connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lesly-birkner-a20836173/