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Parks and Rec Start-up Package

$250 / mo

Billed annually or $325/mo billed monthly

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Package Includes:

  • FYI Tags, LLC Proprietary Content Management Software (CMS) for up to 3 Administrators
  • Unlimited Visitor Scans
  • Cloud-based server, storage and database administered by FYI Tags.
  • 200 Digital Tags-Geo Targeted Content Tags accessible by unlimited visitor scans.
  • Visitor Services Coaching
  • 25 Standard Physical Tags ($500 value)


FYI Tags CMS is a cloud computing service comprised of proprietary
software, server, image and database storage, with an array of features such as:

  • Admin secure accounts
  • Digital Tags, generate unique QRs, and deploy FYI Tags features.
  • Multi-media ready for consistent branding and effective communication
  • Customizable templates to fit your unique needs
  • Accessibility that matters, supporting media with links, interactive forms, captioning, andmore
  • Schedule content to optimize visitor engagement
  • On-the-go revenue capture using your existing payment platforms.
  • Content, digital tags, libraries, and template storage all in one place
  • Admin Friendly, no IT professionals required

Visitor Services Coaching

Our team of experts specializes in communication and visitor services, aiming to elevate visitor programs, fill
revenue and staffing gaps, and empower on-site management.

  • Implement Strategies: Our team is here to get you up and running easily.
  • Set Up for Success: We offer guided sessions that are customized to your needs, helping you make the most of FYI Tags and maximize their value.
  • Beyond Software: We don’t just stop at providing amazing tech tools. Our team will work with you to develop strategies that align with your implementation goals.
  • Visitor Services Coaching: Includes implementation assistance and a monthly personalized coaching session.

Simplify Your Physical Tagging Process

Make your facility navigation easier with Tag Signage. These physical markers  provide clear guidance for
visitors. Our FYI signage tags are designed to enhance user interaction through QR codes.

Choose from our Standard Tag
Signage, Custom Tag Signage
tailored to your brand or FYI Tags
integrates seemlessly with any
signage system you prefer.


Need more? We get it. This offer and the price list below are valid through April 2024. Add-ons are only available with existing packages.

FYI, Standard Physical Tags
$20 each
4" x 7" -Brilliant print on PVC, UV Resistant Lightweight, Long Wear indoor/outdoor.

Customized Physical Tags
(standard material priced below, custom materials TBD by scope)

$250 per Custom Design Fee +

Standard Material
Small: $20 each
Medium: $22 each
Large: $24 each

Digital Tags
$1 each / month

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